Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Bibles...

A lady came in yesterday to purchase some Bibles, in particular in English.  She shared that she works with two other ladies (Spanish speakers) and they reach out to troubled young ladies.  Recently, they went out to a facility and were informed that the young ladies that they would be ministering to were primarily English speakers.  They were therefore a little anxious, but prayed that God would help them.

When they met in the designated room, two young ladies approached them  and informed them that they were going to be their translators!  The ladies were full of joy and did their ministry.  During a time of prayer, the young ladies are usually prayed over.  On this occasion, the lady who bought the Bibles, expressed that the Holy Spirit directed her whom to pray for, in what order, and the words to pray; additionally, she also gave some words of knowledge to some of them.  The young ladies broke into tears as they were prayed over and also requested English Bibles at the closing of the meeting time.  The lady expressed that she had heard of such things, but never experienced them for herself before; she got "chills" from it, but acknowledged that it was the work of the Holy Spirit.  Praise God for His mighty work in this city through people who are open to work through the power of the Holy Spirit!

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