Friday, January 11, 2013

Meet Heather Herschap

Heather Herschap is a young lady who fulfills the roles of a writer, motivational speaker, and an ordained Baptist minister (M.Div).  She describes herself as "a very energetic and creative person who likes to think outside the box and outside the confines of [her] wheelchair" (due to her Spastic Cerbal Palsy).  Additionally, she has participated in events that have been held at schools, parks, and churches; just to name a few.

Although her life has been filled with challenges, she has persevered to enjoy life.  Within her gradeschool years she attended regular classes and even participated in Girl Scouts as well as both piano and horseback riding classes.  Furthermore, during her emerging adult years, she has traveled to Florida and Washington D.C..  Additionally, she has participated in missions work in both Juarez Mexico and India.  

Heather has had the privilege of studying at Baylor University for her B.A. in Psychology and her Master of Divinity.  She has also published a children's book entitled "My Freinds and I"; "a story of friendship"; which is available through her website and B.R.I.D.G.E. Ministries of Laredo.  

So stop by and get in touch with Heather.

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