Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ministering to Soldiers

 In a world where people are hard pressed to find political and economic means to reform the country of Mexico for the better, there is a man who is actively listening to God and striving to obey Him in ministering to the people of Mexico.  Yes, even their armed military personnel. 

Previously, this brother in Christ, had spoken over the air, through a Christian radio program.  Through this program he had encouraged people to call-in to receive a Bible.  Yet, on a particular day, no one had called-in and he was a bit disappointed as well as puzzled.  Hence, on his next visit into Mexico, something different occured.

As he approached the entry check-point station of Mexico, he was given a green light (indicating to proceed; no inspection was necessary).  Yet, a sense of boldness arose within him, and he pulled into the inspection station.  The armed military men were puzzled and approached his car.  They proceeded to ask him if he had a problem that they could address. He boldly told them that God impressed upon his heart to share God's Word with them.  Additionally, he offered them a Bible.   They were a bit shocked at his statement, yet they spoke with him for a while.

Through their time of discussion, the brother learned that these armed military men knew about God earlier in life, but through the course of their military training, they had lost touch of the things of God.  So the brother both ministered to and told them that now that they had their Bibles, they needed to get right with God.  Additionally, they now had to share the things of God with other military men, and women as well.  They agreed to do so.  They took a Bible for themselves and went on to speak to some other people as well.  The Bibles that this brother used at this check-point were purchased through Bridge Ministries.

Please continue to pray for the people of Mexico and both the bold and courageous people who are ministering to them.  Furthermore, continue to seek God over continual provisions for Bridge Ministries and its work in making more Bibles available to the people of both the Texas and Mexico border.

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