Saturday, November 12, 2011


Here are a couple of notes we received from some people who have been blessed by the ministry, their encouragement is a huge blessing to us:

"To BRIDGE Ministries, Thanks to the ones that had the brilliant idea and power to put a Christian bookstore ministry here in Laredo" (all glory goes to the Lord for the "brilliant idea and power")

"Que bendiciĆ³n tan grande tener esta libreria aqui en Laredo. Mis felicitaciones a BRIDGE Ministries y muy especialmente a Steve, Leigh Ann, Joshua, Anna, Sophie. Dios los bendiga a todos." (in English: "what a great blessing to have this bookstore in Laredo. My best wishes to BRIDGE Ministries and especially to Steve, Leigh Ann, Joshua, Anna, Sophie. God bless you all")

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